About Me

I am a 33-year-old woman living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  I’m plus size fashion blogger and not a professional model.

I grew up and live in South Jersey all my life.  I am a Philadelphian, not a New Yorker!

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression. Therefore, comfort trumps fashion most of the time. I’m showing what I really wear every day, not what I want to be photographed in to look good for the camera.

I want to show the world how I like to stlye plus size clothes. My style and taste tend to be different from what other double digit size girls wear. Because of my condition I have to make sure I am comfortable over cute most days. I am also out for hours at a time without a break, so I have to make sure things last. I love bold colors  and prints mainly, eventhough black tends to be my go to color like most of us plus size girls.

I want to try on new clothes and new plus size lines if I can. Looking for great timeless pieces. But also some fun ones too in my size. I like showing how I style a piece and the rules that I follow, not what is told to larger girls. My goal is to get girls out of their comfort zone and be brave. How to find and wear things that you want all your life.

Right now, I am the mom for two fur babies: Boba Fett (orange tabby cat) and Bella (a Yorkie).

If you like what you see follow me for updates and fashion trends. I have all sorts of soical media pages.

-Valerie Pantalone